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NMSU engineering student team places at international design competition

New Mexico State University’s team of student engineers, E^2M3, placed second at this year’s Invent For The Planet (IFTP) international...

College of Engineering Recognizes Staff and Faculty Accomplishments

During it’s annual Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony, numerous members of the College of Engineering received appreciation for their...

Graduate Seminar Series - Amir Jafari

Dr. Amir Jafari is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of North Texas.

Graduate Seminar Series - Daniel Guildenbecher and Nathan Miller

Aerosciences Department Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Graduate Seminar Series - Dr. Peng Wei

Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at George Washington University, Associate Editor for AIAA Journal of...

Interview Seminar – Dr. Davide Vigano

Sustaining Turbulence Production in Interacting Supersonic Streamwise Vortices for Scramjet Combustors Applications and an Overview of Arc-Jet...

Interview Seminar – Dr. Qiong Liu

As an indispensable tool to uncover the underlying flow physics and design flow control, linear modal analysis has been widely applied to various...

Interview Seminar – Dr. Ciprian Dumitrache

Senior Researcher CSIII, Laboratory of Solid-State Quantum Electronics National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR)...

DBF Secures their spot in the Textron Aviation/Raytheon Missiles & Defense Competition

DBF secures their spot to attend the 2022 DBF Competition with Textron Aviation/Raytheon Missiles & Defense Competition.

Graduate Seminar Series, Dr. Renato Zanetti, University of Texas at Austin

Title: Nonlinear Estimation for Orbit Determination

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Stuart I. Benton, Air Force Research Lab

Title: Current Research Efforts in Airframe-Propulsion Integration at AFRL/RQV

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Sakineh Chabi, University of New Mexico

Title: Graphene and Related Materials: Processing and Applications

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Richard “Pat” Anderson, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.

Title: Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Aircraft Propulsion​

MAE Searching for Assistant or Associate Professor

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at New Mexico State University (NMSU) is searching for outstanding applicants in all...

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. David Buttsworth, Univ. of Queensland

Title: Dispersion of Spacecraft Components During Re-entry

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Francisco Medina, UTEP

Title: Increasing the Industrialization of Metal Additive Manufacturing



Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. John Bird, UTEP

Title: Flying Efficiently in Uncertain Environments Via Online Learning

Join us for AIAA General Meeting

Join us for AIAA General Meeting

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Daniel M. Israel, LANL

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Daniel M. Israel, LANL

Graduate Seminar Series – Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles, Texas A & M University

Title: Gravitational physiology and its effects on human health and performance during space missions

Join SHPE for our First General Meeting

Join SHPE for our First General Meeting

Celebration of Life Honoring Professor Igor Sevostianov

Due to the high possibility of rain (55%) on Friday morning, we have changed the location of the Celebration of Life for Dr. Sevostianov to Jett...



NMSU’s Atomic Aggies launch payload experiments on NASA’s RockOn! mission

A payload experiment from New Mexico State University’s Atomic Aggies flew nearly 70 miles above Earth on NASA’s Terrier-Improved Orion...