IAC Charter

Industry Advisory Committee (IAC): As a sub-council of the MAEA gathers information on the operation of the MAE Department through focused interviews with various MAE constituent groups, including students, tenured and nontenured professors, and Engineering Dean’s Council members. The IAC meets the day before the MAE Academy meeting to gather information, then draw conclusions on the successes and opportunities. A report is presented at the General meeting, then after approval, delivered to the MAE Department Head and the College of Engineering Dean.

  • Gathers and assesses information to report assessment of MAE operation.
  • Maintains active Industry Aggie Engineer pipeline in concert with MAEA for Core industries.
  • Creates and maintains the logistics to gather data and though IAC consensus draw success/opportunity conclusions.
  • Supports MAEA in providing constituent objective evidence of continuous process improvement via meeting minutes.
  • Support MAEA and Department with Industry Active Capstone Project Evaluators.
  • Broad Industry input for curriculum evaluation and maintenance.


IAC Member Attributes

  • Active MAEA Member (MAEA Induction year +2; eligible 2nd year)
  • Passionate about the Aggie Engineer work ethic brand and career readiness as measured by ABET Student Outcomes (SO)
  • Passionate about MAE Core curriculum education and Multi-discipline context in company and Industry
    • Technologies, Business areas, emerging or adjacent opportunities
  • Career maturity with influence for NMSU/MAE Advocacy at Company, University, or Customer base
    • Get-Access or involvement in candidate recruiting
    • Get-Internship Opportunities, Test drive an Aggie for Company Core Needs and Cultural Fit
    • Give-Access to Industry Expert Journal Papers and Presentations
    • Give candid review and gap analysis of curriculum
    • Give-Sponsor Win-Win Research Projects or Capstone Projects
      • Surgical Need or long term relationship (LANL Dr. Steinzig Vibration example)​
    • Give-Company Financial Support, Surplus Company Equipment
    • Give-Student Organization mentoring/sponsorship (Atomic Aggies-Rocketry, DBF-Aircraft, SAE-Automotive)
    • Give-Online or Live presentation, or micro-credential authoring