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New Mexico State University’s Mechanical Engineering (ME) department has been educating mechanical engineers since the university opened in 1888. Beginning in Fall 2006, the ME Department expanded to include an undergraduate degree program in Aerospace Engineering (AE), the first and the only Aerospace program in New Mexico and west Texas, to form the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) department.

If you are interested in joining MAE as an undergraduate or a graduate student, please read about our programs to become a part of our diverse, vibrant, and growing department and experience our unique setting of
“small-school education with extensive research.”

Important Message for Students from MAE Department Head

Dear Students:

As the end of this most unusual spring-term nears, the entire faculty and staff of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department hope that you and your families are well; and, that you are ready for the summer. The university’s administration, faculty and staff are well aware that this term has been difficult for you and your families. As you are now aware, classes and laboratories have been conducted differently and will need to be tweaked further to lessen difficulties that are placed on you the student and on the faculty.

During this pandemic, several lessons have been learned and more still to be learned. We already know that engineers solve problems but engineers must also maintain integrity for credibility at all times. We know that students must work harder and potentially longer hours during the COVID-19 period. However, integrity must stay the course. We all need to work together during this unprecedented event. Thank you.

Dr. J.I. Frankel, Department Head and R. Myers Endowed Professor



ME Undergraduates

Spring 2020


AE Undergraduates

Spring 2020


MAE Graduate

Spring 2020

Mechanical Engineer

If it is a machine, a Mechanical Engineer designed it.

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the most diverse of all engineering disciplines, finding applications in almost all industries and product markets. Modern engineering has a role in almost every aspect of life – from home appliances to transportation systems, biomedical devices and power generation.

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Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers design, develop and test Aerodynamic Systems.

As an aerospace engineer, you may work on earth or in space, on aircraft or spacecraft. Or your field may be in water vessel development of ships and submarines or ground transportation for fuel efficiencies and high speed-high tech vehicles.

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MAE faculty have received more than 15 research grants in AY 2018-19. The research funding amount during this period has increased by 55% compared to AY 2017-18.
Among all the mechanical/aerospace engineering departments at NMSU’s peer institutions, MAE is ranked: 3rd in publications per faculty member, 7th in citations per faculty, and 4th in the average h-index.