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NMSU to host Taking the Pentagon to the People event March 27-28


New Mexico State University and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness will host Taking the Pentagon to the People March 27-28 at Corbett Center Student Union on the Las Cruces campus. The event is free and open to students of all majors, faculty, staff and community members from across New Mexico and West Texas.

TTPTTP provides a pathway to connect the talents of undergraduate and graduate students to explore available career and other development opportunities such as employment, internships and scholarships directly with Department of Defense and other government personnel.

The program also provides information to faculty members about research, fellowships, sabbaticals, personnel exchanges and small business opportunities. Faculty and staff will be able to network with DoD representatives to better understand how the agency can support their recruitment, teaching and research activities.

“Enhancing the Department of Defense’s workforce is crucial for national security. The ‘Taking the Pentagon to the People’ event will provide valuable pathways for our institution to address and meet the growing demand,” NMSU Vice President for Research Luis Cifuentes said. “This is not only an NMSU event, it is an invitation to our regional institutions and community to participate.”

To register, view agenda details or speaker profiles, visit the event page.

“There is a diversity of career opportunities within Department of Defense,” said Eric Sanchez, NMSU Physical Science Laboratory director and retired brigadier general. “With over 950,000 non-uniformed civilians who serve in 650 occupations in 94 different countries around the globe, there is an opportunity within DoD for all majors. DoD’s interest in hosting Taking the Pentagon to the People at New Mexico State University speaks to the high caliber of students and faculty in our region and DoD’s investment to ensure the nation has its best working to tackle the world’s great challenges with a common mission, ‘to deter war and protect the security of our nation.’”

The event includes an opening plenary, presidential roundtable, faculty and staff lunch and learn, and an emerging leaders summit consisting of DoD student opportunities and information sessions; mock interview and elevator pitch session; and recruitment and information tables.

DoD speakers will highlight some of their current and future personnel initiatives in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, language, business, education and many other mission-critical fields.

Agencies slated to attend include Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service; Air Force Civilian Service; Defense Human Resources Activity; Strategic Systems Programs; DoD Office of Force Resiliency – Prevention Workforce; Naval Audit Service; U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command Headquarters; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; DoD Education Activity; DoD Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation; Defense Security Cooperation Agency; Directorate of Prevention, Resilience, and Readiness; Naval Service Warfare Center; Defense Intelligence Agency; and Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force.