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Closed - Call for Applications starting Fall 2024: Undergraduate Research Program in Environmental Testing of Structures

Earn up to $15,000 per year as an Undergraduate Research Assistant

Starting Fall 2024


Selected students will be placed in teams and will:

  • Design, acquire, and deploy a shaker/fixture/component system.
  • Manufacture various dynamical systems in collaboration with Aggie Innovation Space.
  • Excite assembly to estimate the response of the actual component operating in the actual service environment.
  • Perform modeling, simulation and other aspects of environmental testing.
  • Present research in the biannual symposia attended by LANL and NMSU personnel.
  • Publish research in conference proceedings and journals

Post-BS Opportunities

Completed participation will provide a strong skill set in experimental and theoretical structural dynamics research and manufacturing of dynamical systems.

Interested in pursuing graduate study, working at a national lab, or working in industry?

  • This program is an excellent opportunity to accomplish those interests!
  • Students who find employment at a national laboratory such as LANL may be able to enroll in graduate school while working, with grad school expenses often paid by fellowship or tuition reimbursement programs.


  • ME, AE, MET, MAE Major
  • GPA of 3.2 or greater is preferred
  • US Citizen
  • Students in semesters 4 or 5 are preferred
  • Students in their final BS semester are not eligible


Application and documentation must be submitted in PDF format

  • An NMSU academic transcript (unofficial transcript OK).
  • A short resume.
  • A short cover letter stating the reasons for your interest in the program
  • The names and contact information of two references, at least one of which must be a faculty member

Email materials to both of the following individuals:

Dr. Tom Burton
LANL Liaison

Dr. Abdu Abdelkefi
ME Professor