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Dr. Young Park

Dr. Young Ho Park

Nakayama Professor, Professor

PhD. Iowa 1994

Tel: (575) 646-3092


Office: Jett Hall, Room 111


Mechanical Design and Advanced Materials & Structures Lab


Research Interests:

Solid Mechanics & Materials

Computational mechanics, engineering design and optimization, fiber-reinforced composite materials, structural damage diagnosis and prognosis, fatigue life prediction and reliability analysis, atomistic and multiscale modeling of nanosystems

Awards & Honors

  • Certificate of Recognition, ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division, 2019
  • John Kaichiro Nakayama and Tome Miyaguchi Nakayama Endowed Professorship, 2018
  • Synergy Teaching-Research-Serve Award, College of Engineering, New Mexico State University, 2017
  • Certificate of Recognition, ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division, 2014
  • Certificate of Appreciation, ASME Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2012
  • Outstanding Conference Paper Award, ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division, 2010
  • Best Poster Award, 1st National Capstone Design Conference, 2007
  • ME Academy Professor of the Year Award, Mechanical Engineering Academy, 2004
  • Outstanding Teacher, NMSU ASME/Pi Tau Sigma Student Chapters, 2003
  • Mechanical Engineering Innovative Teaching Award, New Mexico State University, 2003
  • Outstanding Faculty, NMSU ASME/Pi Tau Sigma Student Chapters, 2001

Current Projects

  1. Enhanced Solar Desalination Using Innovative Approaches for Concentrate Treatment and Energy Recovery”, USBR, 2019-2021
  2. Center for Particulate Suspensions”, ERC Planning Grant, NMSU Office of Engineering Research, 2019-2024
  3. USDA, Alpha-IOT: ALliance For Smart Agriculture in the Internet of Things Era, 2018-2022
  4. NASA EPSCoR, Autonomous Structural Composites for Next Generation Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2017-2021
  5. “I-Discover: Collaborative Integration of USDA-Research in the Advanced Teaching Laboratories of STEAM for Accelerating Discovery and Student Competitiveness”, USDA, 2014-2019



Recent Publications

  1. L. Mu, X. Xu, T, Williams, C. Debroux, Y.H. Park, K. Kota, H. Wang, P. Xu, S. Kuravi, Enhancing the performance of a single-basin single-slope solar still by using Fresnel lens: Experimental study, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 239, 2019.
  2. E.F. Rojas, S. Faroughi, A. Abdelkefi, Y.H. Park, Nonlinear size-dependent modeling and performance analysis of felxoelectric energy harvesters, Microsystem Technologies, 25(10), 3899-3921, 2019
  3. I. Ramos, Y. H. Park, J. Ulibarri-Sanchez, Analytical and numerical studies of a thick anisotropic multilayered fiber-reinforced composite pressure vessel, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 141(1), 011203, 2019
  4. S. Faroughi, E. Rojas, A. Abdelkefi, and Y. H. Park, Reduced-order modeling and usefulness of non-uniform beams for flexoelectric energy harvesting applications, Acta Mechanica, Vol. 230 (7), pp. 2339-2361, 2019.
  5. C. Murgia, D. Valles, Y. H. Park, S. Kuravi, Effect of High Aged Albedo Cool Roofs on Commercial Buildings Energy Savings in U.S.A. Climates, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol. 9(1), 2019
  6. E. Rivera, R. Rivera, Y. H. Park, A. Lara, T. Fowler, Natural clays with an inherent uranium component that nevertheless sequester uranium from contaminated water, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, Vol. 54 (2), pp. 101-109, 2019.
  7. Johnson, A., Mu, L., Park, Y. H., Valles, D. J., Wang, H., Xu, P., Kota, K., Kuravi, S. A Thermal Model for Predicting the Performance of a Solar Still with Fresnel Lens. WATER, 11(9), 2019


Past Projects 

  1. Cotton Inc., Implementing an Efficient Dehulling Process for Glandless Cottonseed, 2017-2018
  2. Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), Low Cost, Low Energy Concentrate Water Desalination using Heat Recuperative Solar Still with Concentrating Solar Technology, 2017-2018
  3. COE Engineering research Center, Engineering of Solar Energy and Surfaces for Low Cost, Sustainable Water Desalination, 2017
  4. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Tube Cut and Release Mechanism, 2016
  5. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Universal Power Tool, 2016
  6. Sandia National Laboratories, Development of Additive Manufacturing Machine, 2016
  7. NASA/NMSGC, Nanoscale semiconductor heterostructures for photovoltaic energy conversion, 2012-2013
  8. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Overhead Lift for Glovebox, 2011-2012
  9. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Statistical Analysis and Ergonomic Study of Glovebox Glove Dexterity, 2008-2009
  10. Department of Defense, Development of High-Performance Nanomaterials Using Multiscale Modeling, 2007-2008
  11. NMSU VPR, Multiscale Modeling of Core-Shell Nanostructures, 2007-2008
  12. NMSU CRC, Multiscale Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials, 2005-2006
  13. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Statistical Analysis of Glovebox Failure, 2005-2006
  14. Air Force of Scientific Research, University Nanosat, 2004-2005.
  15. Sandia National Laboratory, Meshfree Analysis for Metal Forming, Sandia National Laboratories, 2001-2002