Dr. Sarada Kuravi


Renewable Energy and Thermal Systems (REThermS) Laboratory

Research Interests

Thermal Sciences and Energy

Storage, transport, and utilization of renewable and alternative energy

Renewable and Alternative Energy: Clean and sustainable energy, concentrating solar power (CSP), geothermal energy, concentrating photovoltaics (CPV), combined heat and power (CHP), building energy, renewable-powered automobiles for clean transportation, thermal and thermochemical/hydrogen storage for energy and fuel-cell applications, novel thermodynamic and clean energy cycles

Water Desalination: Solar energy and low-grade heat for in-land and seawater water desalination with zero liquid discharge, energy recovery and recuperation

Particulate Media: Particulate suspensions in energy and water, transport physics in slurries, powder beds, packed and fluidized beds, suspension flow dynamics, particulates for heat transfer enhancement

Recent Research Grants (total funding amount >$2.1M)

  • Encapsulated Inorganic Materials for Building Thermal Energy Storage Applications, DOE Office of Science SBIR/STTR
  • Enhanced Solar Desalination Using Innovative Approaches for Concentrate Treatment and Energy Recovery, USBR
  • College of Engineering Seed Funding, NMSU
  • Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer on Binary Surfaces, NSF
  • Particulate Flows in Curved Microchannels, NMSU OER
  • High Energy Density Metal Hydride Hydrogen System for Space and Planetary Applications, NASA/NMSGC
  • Low Cost, Low Energy Concentrate Water Desalination using Heat Recuperative Solar Still with Concentrating Solar Still Technology, USBR-NMWRRI

Recent Publications

  1. Kavin Sundarnath J. Ayyanathan, Erick Moreno Resendiz, and Sarada Kuravi, “Particle arrangement using external magnetic field and its effect on pressure drop in a tightly packed ferromagnetic porous bed”, Powder Technology, Vol: 375, pp: 275-283, 2020.
  2. Kavin Sundarnath J. Ayyanathan and Sarada Kuravi, “Effect of magnetic field on a loosely packed, tightly packed and an over-tightly packed metal powder bed”, Particulate Science and Technology pp: 1-10, 2020.
  3. Lin Chen, Huiyao Wang, Sarada Kuravi, Krishna Kota, Young Ho Park, Pei Xu, “Low-cost and reusable carbon black based solar evaporator for effective water desalination”, Desalination, Vol: 483, 114412, 2020 (IF = 7.098).
  4. Ana Johnson, Lei Mu, Young H. Park, Delia J. Valles, Huiyao Wang, Pei Xu, Krishna Kota, Sarada Kuravi, “A Thermal Model for Predicting the Performance of a Solar Still with Fresnel Lens”, Water,  Vol:11, pp: 1860 (20 pages) (IF = 2.250).
  5. Nicolas DeLovato, Kavin Sundarnath, Lazar Cvijovic, Krishna Kota, Sarada Kuravi, “A Review of Heat Recovery Technologies for Power Generation using Solar and Geothermal Energy Sources”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:114, pp: 109329 (19 pages), 2019 (IF = 10.556).
  6. Lei Mu, Rocio Castillo Gomez, Lin Chen, Young-Ho Park, Huiyao Wang, Krishna Kota, Pei Xu, Sarada Kuravi, “Enhancing the performance of a single-basin single-slope solar still by using Fresnel lens: Experimental study”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol: 9, No.1, pp:65-72, 2019 (IF = 6.395).
  7. Carlos Murugia, Delia Valles, Young-Ho Park, Sarada Kuravi, “Effect of High Aged Albedo Cool Roofs on Commercial Buildings Energy Savings in USA Climates”, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol: 9, No.1, pp:65-72, 2019 (IF = 3.120).
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  9. Shahin Shafiee, Mary McCay, Sarada Kuravi, “The Effect of Magnetic Field on Thermal-Reaction Kinetics of a Paramagnetic Metal Hydride Storage Bed”, Applied Sciences, Vol: 7, pp: 1006, 2017 (IF = 2.474). doi:10.3390/app7101006.
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  12. Haibao Hu, Sarada Kuravi, Feng Ren, Pei-feng Hsu, “Liquid Metal Flow in Manifold Microchannel Heat Sinks”, Proceedings of the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Montreal, Canada, November 14-20, 2014.
  13. Peijie Li, Sarada Kuravi, “Convective Performance of Encapsulated Phase Change Material Slurries of Water, PAO and Engine Oil in Microchannels”, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Orlando, FL, July 14-16, 2014.
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