Dr. Fangjun Shu

Research Interests:

Experimental fluid dynamics, hypersonics, bio-inspired flow, biofluidics, microfluidics, turbulent flow, optical metrology and development of flow diagnostic methods.

Past and Present Projects

  • Shu, F.(PI), Gross, A. (co-PI) and Frankel, J. (co-PI), “DURIP: Stereo Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging System for Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Measurements,” Amount: $493,645. Agency: AFOSR. Dates: 09/30/2022-09/29/2023
  • Cifuents, L., Gross, A. (co-PI), Shu, F.(co-PI) and Frankel, J. (co-PI), “DEPSCoR CB: New Mexico Basic Research Center of Excellence for Hypersonic Sensor Development and Testing,” Amount: $999,802. Agency: ARO. Dates: 07/01/2022-06/30/2022
  • Gross, A. (PI), and Shu, F.(co-PI), “Development of Windmilling Prevention and Thrust Vectoring Capability for JetCat Turbojet Engine,” Amount: $18,676. Agency: Universal Technology Company. Dates: 08/01/19 – 06/30/20.
  • Lee, Y (PI), Shu, F. (co-PI) and Wei, M. (co-PI), “Acquisition of an Integrated System for Laser-Assisted Non-Intrusive Experimentation and Data-Driven Reduced-Order Modeling,” Amount: $493,567. Agency: Department of Defense. Dates: Feb. 2014- Jan. 2015.
  • Shu, F. (PI), “PIV Flow Measurement in Combustion Air Piping system for Purpose of Flow Meter Validation,” Amount: $36,975. Agency: Cummins Inc. Dates: Jan. 2014-Aug. 2014
  • Wei, M. (PI), and Shu, F. (co-PI), “Flapping and Twisting Aeroelastic Wings for Propulsion,” Amount: ~$300,000. Agency: Department of Defense. Dates: Aug. 2010-Mar. 2012.
  • Shu, F. (PI), “Intelligent Wind Turbines,” Amount: $103,799. Agency: Los Alamos National Lab. Dates: Aug. 2010-Aug. 2012.

Recent Publications

  • Throneberry, G., Takeshita, A., Hocut, C.M., Shu, F. and Abdelkefi, A, “Multi-rotor wake characterization and visualization in ascending and descentding flight,” Experiments in Fluids, 63:98, 2022
  • Akhtar, J., Luna Garcia, A., Saenz, L., Kuravi, S., Shu, F., and Kota, K, “Can face masks offer protection from airborne sneeze and cough droplets in close-up, face-to-face human interactions?” Physics of Fluids, 32: 127112, 2020
  • Ahumada, J., Shu, F. and Chen R., “Characterization of Recirculating Structures in the Near Field of Underexpanded Swirling Jets,” Experiments in Fluids, 60: 180, 2019
  • Edgerton, K., Throneberry, G., Takeshita, A., Hocut, C.M., Shu, F. and Abdelkefi, A., “Numerical and experimental comparative performance analysis of emerging spherical-caged drones,” Aerospace Science and Technology, 95, 105512, 2019
  • Rodriguez,S.D, H.N. Chung, K. K. Gonzales,J. Vulcan, Y. Li, J. A. Ahumada, H.M. Romero, M. De La Torre, F. Shu, and I. A. Hansen, “Efficacy of Some Wearable Devices Compared with Spray-On Insect Repellents for the Yellow Fever Mosquito, Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae)”, Journal of Insect Science, 17(1): 24, 2017
  • Talavera, M., and Shu, F., “Experimental Study of Turbulence Intensity Influence on Wind Turbine Performance and Wake Recovery,” Renewable Energy, 109: 363-371, 2017
  • Shu, F., Tian, R., Vandenberghe, S. and Antaki, J., “Experimental study of microscale Taylor vortices within a co-axial mixed-ow blood pump,” Artificial Organs, 40(11): 1071-1078, 2016
  • Tian, R., Marquez, E., Bocanegra, H., Balakumar, B.J. and Shu. F., “Experimental study of Reynolds number and gust influence on transient force and ow generated by a robotic hummingbird,” International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles, 7(3): 347-360, 2015
  • Shu, F., Vandenberghe, S., Brackett J., and Antaki, J., “Classification of Unsteady Flow Patterns in a Rotodynamic Blood Pump: Introduction of Non-Dimensional Regime Map”, Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, 6(3), 230-241, DOI: 10.1007/s13239-015-0231-0, 2015
  • Glenn, A.L., Bulusu, K.V., Shu, F. and Plesniak, M.W., “Secondary Flow Structures Under Stent-Induced Perturbations for Cardiovascular Flow in a Curved Artery Model,” International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 35: 76-8, 2012