Recent Funding

MAE faculty research funding in the past twelve months (this page is under development; the list below is not comprehensive and may not include the funding awards of all the faculty members in the department at this time)

Dr. Sarada Kuravi received funding from USBR for designing an enhanced solar still for water purification. Dr. Pei Xu (CE), Dr. Young Ho Park, Dr. Krishna Kota, and Dr. Huiyao Wang (CE) are the other PIs.

Dr. Hyeongjun Park received funding from NSF for a collaborative research project to design and build three 3U-CubeSats for observing the sun’s nanoflares.

Dr. Vimal Chaitanya received funding from LANL to strengthen the LANL-NMSU research collaboration and coordination.

Dr. Abdessattar Abdelkefi received funding from SNL to study vibratory energy harvesting absorbers.

Dr. Abdessattar Abdelkefi received funding from NSF to organize a US-Africa Forum on Nanotechnology in South Africa.

Dr. Abdessattar Abdelkefi received I-Corps funding from NSF for the commercialization of a new morphing drone technology.

Dr. Andreas Gross received funding from Universal Technology Corporation for a project on improving the thrust-to-weight ratio of a JetCat gas turbine engine.

Dr. Andreas Gross received funding from AFOSR for conducting a numerical investigation of the wake effect for high-lift low-pressure turbulent flows.

Dr. Vimal Chaitanya received funding from LANL for research and education activities with LANL.

Dr. Igor Sevostianov received a NIH RISE grant as one of the PIs. Dr. Lakshmi Reddi and Dr. Michele Nishiguchi are the other PIs on this interdisciplinary grant.

Dr. Abdessattar Abdelkefi is funded by US Army to study multi-rotor wake simulations using particle image velocimetry.

Dr. Andreas Gross is funded by AFRL to numerically investigate the turbulent junction flows.

Dr. Hyeongjun Park, along with NMSU NanoSat Lab, received funding from Northrop Grumman to develop two CubeSats (1U & 3U) for testing satellite alignment technology. Dr. Steve Stochaj (EE) is the PI.

Dr. Krishna Kota and Dr. Hyeongjun Park are among the Co-PIs from NMSU on a NASA-funded grant for the study of a virtual telescope for x-ray observations. Dr. Steve Stochaj (EE) is the NMSU PI.