MAE Industrial Advisory Board

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering will form an Industrial advisory board of targeted alumni to perform a regular review of the programs mission, student educational objectives, and curriculum content and advise the MAE faculty where changes may be made to strengthen graduates’ value, performance and marketability in the industries served by the disciplines.

Eligibility for the IAB

  1. Hold a BSME or BSAE and have maintained employment for about 5+ years in one of the key industries into which the majority of the graduates of the NMSU MAE program are hired.  
  2. Currently employed and regularly work with new engineering grads such that member is cognizant of the needed skill set needed by newly hired mechanical or aerospace engineers in their particular industry and common deficiencies in the students’ preparation to begin working as an engineer.

IAB Objective

Provide feedback to the department head on the relevance of the MAE Department Mission, the Program Educational Objectives, content of the curriculum, and avenues of entry to employment in the industry.

IAB Composition

The IAB will be chaired by the MAE Department Head, who will set agendas and chair the meetings.  The IAB will be composed of 12-24 alumni, all from different companies (if possible) representing a range of focus areas roughly proportional to the primary employment routes of entry into the industry.  The members will be selected from a pool of interested candidates (use form below to express desire to participate) to cover these proportions as best as possible.


The tasks of the IAB should be able to be completed in 3-4 hours. As such, the IAB meeting could be held on Friday or Saturday morning before the homecoming football game.  Alternatively, the IAB meeting could be held the week of the Career Expo in the fall or the Career Connections in the spring, when many of the alumni recruiters are on campus already.


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