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Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program recently approved [Dec. 2009]

After almost three years of proposal writing, submission and approvals, the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at New Mexico State University will now offer a graduate program in Aerospace Engineering (AE) – the only one available in the state and in western Texas, as well. As the final step, the New Mexico State Board of Finance gave its approval to the proposal for Master’s and Doctoral degrees at its December 15, 2009 meeting.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department’s new program will accept prospective MS and PhD students starting in Fall 2010. Details of the program will be posted in a later publication. Basically, the initial curriculum will include courses typically offered in the field. A comparison study done as part of proposal preparation helps define the program’s structure.

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest engineering field…

offering terrific opportunities worldwide, and in almost every industry. Wherever there are machines, mechanical engineers are needed. Your credential can take you to locations around the world, above it, even under the sea.

Why graduate school?

While entry-level engineering requires only a bachelor’s degree, advancement hinges on a higher level of education and training. Master’s degree requirement is increasing in the engineering industry, and doctoral degrees continue to be essential for high-level research as well as for academic teaching and research positions.

According to a Master’s in mechanical engineering can, in just the first five years, net you up to $36,000 more than your expectation for a BS entry-level position.

An advanced degree enhances your potential for specialized focus areas.

Why now?

The longer you wait, the more you forget.

Obligations such as work, finances and family responsibilities can conflict with graduate school. Full-time work makes an academic load last for five to six years (more for a PhD).

Why Mechanical Engineering at New Mexico State University?

With over a century of tradition and excellence, research is the foundation of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program.

Our Mechanical Engineering graduates are highly sought after by companies and government laboratories including: Los Alamos, Sandia National Laboratories, NASA White Sands, US Army, IBM, Dell, GM, Ford, and Delphi Automotive Systems. Many students complete their M.S. studies at NMSU and continue on for the Ph.D. degree at NMSU and other universities.

We offer programs of study, comparable in content and requirements to other universities and colleges of engineering.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Our faculty are engaged in research in a variety of topics within major focus areas:

  • Aeroelasticity & Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Dynamics & Vibrations
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Robotics and Controls
  • Solid Mechanics & Materials
  • Thermal Sciences & Energy


For more information about our Graduate Programs, please email Dr. Young Ho Park.