Dr. Seyedhamidreza “Hamid” Alaie

Photo of Dr. Seyedhamidreza Hamid Alaie

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 2015

Tel: (575) 646-2805

Email: alaie@nmsu.edu

Office: Jett Hall, Room 232

Research Interests

Advanced Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Advanced Materials, Phononic Crystals

Dr. Seyedhamidreza Alaie website

Selected Publications

  1. Alaie, S., et al. Advanced Manufacturing of Patient-Specific Occluders for the Left Atrial Appendage with Minimally Invasive Delivery. Advanced Engineering Materials, 2020.
  2. Robinson, S., S. Alaie, H. Sidoti, J. Auge, L. Baskaran, J. Min, S. Dunham, and B. Mosadegh, Patient-Specific Design of Soft Occluder for the Left Atrial Appendage. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2018. 2: p. 8-16.
  3. Alaie, S., D.F. Goettler, C.M. Reinke, M.F. Su, Z.C. Leseman, and El-Kady. I., Thermal Transport in Pononic Crystals and the Observation of Coherent Phonon Scattering at Room Temperature.Nature Communications, 2015. 6: p. 7228.
  4. Alaie, S., M.F. Su, D.F. Goettler, I. El-Kady, and Z. Leseman, Effects of Flexural and Extensional Excitation Modes on the Transmission Spectrum of Phononic Crystals Operating at Gigahertz Frequencies. Journal of Applied Physics, 2013. 113(10): p. 103513.
  5. Alaie, S., S. Robinson, A. Amiri, J. Min, S. Dunham, and B. Mosadegh, Applications of Surface Micropatterns to Complex and Irregular 3D Objects via Conformal Template Vacuum Bagging. Advanced Materials Technologies, 2018, 1700353.
  6. Moghadam, A., S. Alaie, et al. Towards Development of Inflatable Stents with Application in Endovascular Treatments using Soft Robotic Technology, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, p. 1804147.
  7. Alaie, S., et al. Reduction and Increase in Thermal Conductivity of Si Irradiated with Ga + via Focused Ion Beam, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018.
  8. Alaie, S., M. Hossein-Zadeh, M. Ghasemi Baboly, M. Zamani, Z.C. Leseman, Enhancing Mechanical Quality Factors of Micro-Toroidal Optomechanical Resonators Using Phononic Crystals. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2016. 99: p. 1-9.