A Year After Receiving New NIH Funding …

Last year, NIH has renewed NMSU’s RISE grant for five more years with $3.6 million to expand the program in new ways by engaging NMSU students in integrated biology and engineering research. Dr. Igor Sevostianov (pictured below) is one of the PIs on this grant. The other PIs are Dr. Michele Nishiguchi and Dr. Lakshmi Reddi. This prestigious grant is one of the largest in the recent years that an MAE faculty member is associated with.

The program started in January 2019 and aims to prepare Ph.D. students to obtain postdoctoral positions in top national universities by engaging them in highly interdisciplinary research. An year after receiving this funding, the program is already making great strides in recruiting students and promoting interdisciplinary research on the campus. More details about this program and the unique research opportunities it provides for students are available here. The success of this grant received press coverage in the Las Cruces Sun-News newspaper. An NMSU news article about this grant is available here.

If you are a student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary research, please visit the NMSU RISE website for more details on the eligibility requirements and opportunities.

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