Thermal Science & Energy


Thermal science and energy research in the department encompasses the areas of thermodynamics, nano- to macro-scale heat transfer with and without phase change, mass transfer, fluid dynamics, physics, materials, and tailored surfaces. Some of the current research thrusts are in renewable/alternative energy, hydrogen power, thermal management, combustion, propulsion, and space transportation.

Core Faculty:
R. Chen
K. Kota
S. Kuravi

Title of Grant Funding Agency Investigator(s)
Compact, High-effective Cryogenic Heat Exchanger NASA/NMSGC Krishna Kota, Anthony Hyde (ET)
Robust, Bio-inspired Drag Reduction Surfaces NMSU (IRG 2013) Krishna Kota, Jiannong Xu (Biology)
CINT Facility Usage Grant Sandia National Laboratory Julio Martinez (CHME), Krishna Kota
Experimental Investigation of Forced Convection on Hierarchical Micro/Nanoporous Surfaces NSF Krishna Kota
Assessment of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant Option for a Renewable Energy Airport National Center for Hydrogen Research Sarada Kuravi
Two-phase Variable Gravity Cold Plate MDA – SBIR Krishna Kota
Enhanced Thermal Ground Planes with Ultra-omniphilic Surfaces AFRL – SBIR Krishna Kota
Ultra-omniphilic Surfaces for Augmented Liquid-vapor Phase Change AFRL – SBIR Krishna Kota
Mechanistic Modeling of Thermal Transport in a Cold Plate with Ultra-omniphilic Surfaces MDA – SBIR Krishna Kota