Robotics & Controls

roboticsRobotics and Controls is a strong research group. State-of-the-art laboratories support funded work which includes a number of aerospace related projects.

Title of Grant Funding Agency Investigator(s)
Feasibility Study of Using Passive Mechanisms to Simulate Reduced Gravity for Training Astronauts NASA-EPSCoR Ou Ma, R. Paz
Cable-Robotic Based EVA Training NASA Graduate Student Research Program Ou Ma, Jesse McAvoy
Development of MAV Test and Evaluation Technology Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) Ou Ma, Thomas Burton
Analytical and Exploratory Approaches to Communicate Mathematics to Visually Impaired Students NSF E. Pontelli, Ou Ma, D. Simon, S. Tran
Human-Robot Interfacing for Threat Reduction S. Helmreich, Ou Ma S. Helmreich, Ou Ma
An Active Body Weight Support (BWS) System for Neural Rehabilitation n/a Ou Ma
An Integrated Framework for Order Reduction, Robust Control, and Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring of Nonlinear Multi-Scale Hybrid Aerospace Systems AFOSR Eric Butcher
Development of an Adaptive Reduced-Gravity Simulator for Aerospace and Biomechanics Research NSF O. Ma, R. Paz, S. Tran, E. Pines