Dynamics & Vibrations

dynamicsKinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies. Motion of mechanical systems. Inertia, work, kinetic energy, linear momentum, angular momentum, and impact. Engineering systems, satellite orbits, harmonic vibrations.

Title of Grant Funding Agency Investigator(s)
Structural Health Monitoring and Self-Healing of Aerospace Structures NASA/EPSCoR Thomas Burton, Eric Butcher, Igor Sevostianov
Development of a Novel Methodology for the Health Monitoring and Self-Healing of Structural Elements and Joints Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) Thomas Burton, Eric Butcher, Igor Sevostianov
Model Reduction for Contact Dynamic Simulations of Flexible Multibody Systems Army Research Office (ARO) Ou Ma
Inertial Property Identification Algorithm Verification by 0-G Flight NASA Ou Ma
An Integrated Framework for Order Reduction, Robust Control, and Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring of Nonlinear Multi-Scale Hybrid Aerospace Systems AFOSR Eric Butcher
Undergraduate Student Achievement in Spaceflight Mission Design NASA/NMSGC Eric Butcher
Collaborative Research: Stability, Identification, and Stochastic Resonance in Stochastic Delayed Systems NSF Eric Butcher (with Brian Mann, Duke U.)