Fluid Mechanics

fluid_mechanics.jpgThe department’s resources include a large wind tunnel, a water channel and high performance computing capability which enable students to conduct world-class experiments in a wide range of Fluid Mechanics fields.

Title of Grant Funding Agency Investigator(s)
Reduced Order Modeling of Shear Layers Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) Mingjun Wei
Development of Scaled Hummingbird Models for Studying the Dynamics of Hovering and Low Speed Forward Flight Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) James Allen, Banavara Shashikanth, Ou Ma & MS students Humberto Bocanegra-Evans and Ramiro Chavez-Alarcon
Flapping and Twisted Wings for Propulsion Army High Performance Research Center (AHPCRC) Mingjun Wei and Banavara Shashikanth
Flapping Wing Aerodynamics and Control for Maneuverable Hovering Micro Air Vehicles Air Force – STTR James Allen and Banavara Shashikanth
Development of Hybrid Gaskinetic Scheme for Complex Flows with Multi-Scales and Multi Physics NSF Chunpei Cai
Multi-Scale Gaskinetics/Particle (MGP) Simulations for Rocket Plume/Lunar Dust Interactions NASA-STTR Chunpei Cai
A Unified Multi-Dimensional Gaskinetic Hybrid BGK-DSMC Method for Non-equilibrium and Chemically Reacting Flows NASA-SBIR Chunpei Cai
Development of a DSMC-PIC Particle Simulation Package GRASP (General Rarefied Gas Flow Simulation Package) ZONA Technology, Inc. and NMSU Chunpei Cai
Gaskinetic Scheme for Micro-Flow with Heat Transfer NSF Chunpei Cai