Dr. Igor Sevostianov

Ph.D. St. Petersburg, Russia 1993

Ph.D. St. Petersburg, Russia 1993

Research Interests:

Solid Mechanics & Materials

Micromechanics of Materials, Structural Health Monitoring, Biomechanics

Current Projects

  • “Novel Nanoparticle-Filled Matrices for Thermal Stress Reduction in Polymer Matrix Composites: Multi-Scale Modeling and Experimental Validation” from NASA. (2007-2009)
  • “Structural Health Monitoring and Self-Healing of Aerospace Structures” from NASA-EPSCOR (2007-2010)
  • “Development of a novel methodology for the health monitoring and self-healing of structural elements and joints” from LANL (2008-2010)
  • “Materials for energy Conversion” from DOE-EPSCOR (2008-2011)

Recent Publications

Book Chapters:

  1. Sevostianov, I. and Kachanov, M. Connections between elastic and conductive properties of heterogeneous materials, In: Advances in Applied Mechanics, 42, (E.van der Giessen and H.Aref, Eds.), Academic Press, 2008, pp.69-252.

Refereed Journals

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  2. Ervin, J. and Sevostianov, I., Effect of mutual positions of individual contacts on the overall resistance and elastic stiffness of a cluster. International Journal of Fracture 160 (2009), 101-108.
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