Faculty & Staff

We have 18 tenured/tenure-track/college faculty in the department. Two of them have endowed professorships. Our faculty members consist of professional society fellows, Fulbright scholars, and other international scholarly award winners. They routinely serve on journal editorial boards and conference committees while equally focusing on educating students.


Faculty Member Office Phone E-mail Research Interests
Chen, Ruey-HungVisit Dr. Ruey-Hung Chen's Profile
Department Head
Robert G. Myers Professor
JH 106 646-1945 E-mail Combustion and Propulsion, Gas Dynamics and Supersonic Flows, Phase-change Heat and Mass Transfer
Shu, Fangjun
Associate Department Head
Associate Professor
JH 104B 646-2118 E-mail Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Bio-inspired Flow, Biofluidics, Microfluidics, Turbulent Flow, Optical Metrology
Abdelkefi, AbdessattarVisit Dr. Abdessattar Abdelkefi's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 230 646-6546 E-mail Nonlinear Dynamics, Biomemitics/drones/ robotics, Energy Harvesting, MEMS & NEMS, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Vibration and Control
Armstrong, Terry
College Assistant Professor
JH 136 646-1945 E-mail Mechanics of Materials, Military Aircraft Systems, Engineering Education
Chaitanya, Vimal
JH 124 646-2481 E-mail Materials Science and Engineering, Energy Materials, Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Electrochemistry, Materials Characterization, Materials Degradation, Corrosion & Failure Analysis
Choo, Vincent K.
Associate Professor
JH 130 646-2225 E-mail Polymers and Composite Materials
Conley, Edgar G.Visit Dr. Edgar Conley's Profile
Associate Professor
JH 108 646-5698 E-mail Experimental Solid Mechanics, Wind Energy
Drach, BorysVisit Dr. Borys Drach's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 234 646-8041 E-mail Solid Mechanics & Materials
Garcia, Gabe
Associate Professor
COE Director of Engr. Design
JH 217A 646-7749 E-mail Experimental Solid Mechanics
Gross, AndreasVisit Dr. Andreas Gross's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 114 646-6179 E-mail Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Kota, KrishnaVisit Dr. Krishna Kota's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 128 646-5720 E-mail Heat Transfer, Surface-thermal-fluid Interactions, Energy Systems, Thermal Management, Space Transportation, Water Desalination
Kuravi, SaradaVisit Dr. Sarada Kuravi's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 126 646-1587 E-mail Renewable/Alternative Energy, Concentrating Solar Power, Thermal & Thermochemical Storage, Hydrogen Storage, Water Desalination, Combined Heat and Power, Heat Transfer Fluids
Lee, Young S.Visit Dr. Young Lee's Profile
Associate Professor
JH 222 646-7457 E-mail Nonlinear Dynamics, System Identification,Fluid-Structure Interactions
Park, HyeongjunVisit Dr. Hyoengjun Park's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 226 646-2024 E-mail Model Predictive Control, Small Satellite Attitude Control, Aerial Robotic Manipulation, Multi-agent System Control
Park, Young HoVisit Dr. Young Ho Park's Profile
Associate Professor
JH 111 646-3092 E-mail Design Optimization, Computational Solid Mechanics
Sevostianov, IgorVisit Dr. Igor Sevostianov's Profile
D.L.&A. Chapman Professor
JH 110 646-3322 E-mail Micromechanics of Materials, Biomechanics
Shashikanth, BanavaraVisit Dr. Banavara Shashikanth's Profile
Associate Professor
JH 236 646-4348 E-mail Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical Systems and Control
Sun, LiangVisit Dr. Liang Sun's Profile
Assistant Professor
JH 132 646-4368 E-mail Drones, Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles, Tethered Systems, Sound Source Localization, Optimal Sensor Management, Nonlinear Control/Estimation, Cooperative Control, Hybrid Spatial Sensing, Robust Network


Staff Member Title Office Phone E-mail

Ruble, Ken

Lab Instruction Manager JH 138 646-2911 E-mail

Vasquez, Margaret

Administrative Assistant, Intermediate JH 117 646-3502 E-mail