Faculty & Staff

Faculty Member Office Phone E-mail Research Interests
Ray_Chen_1-NSFChen, Ruey-Hung
Department Head
JH 106 646-1945 E-mail Combustion and Propulsion, Gas Dynamics and Supersonic Flows, Phase-change Heat and Mass Transfer
gabegarcGarcia, Gabe
Associate Department Head
JH 104B 646-7749 E-mail Experimental Solid Mechanics
Abdessattar AbdelkefiAbdelkefi, Abdessattar
Assistant Professor
JH 230 646-6546 E-mail Nonlinear Dynamics, Energy Harvesting, Vibration & Control, Smart Structures, Aeroelasticity, Flight Dynamics, Renewable Energy
NMSU AggieArmstrong, Terry
College Assistant Professor
JH 136 646-1945 E-mail Mechanics of Materials, Military Aircraft Systems, Engineering Education
Chaitanya, Vimal
JH 124 646-2481 E-mail Materials Characterization, Materials Degradation, Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Failure Analysis, Energy
Vincent ChooChoo, Vincent K.
Associate Professor
JH 130 646-2225 E-mail Polymers and Composite Materials
econleyConley, Edgar G.
Associate Professor
JH 108 646-5698 E-mail Experimental Solid Mechanics, Wind Energy
borysDrach, Borys
Assistant Professor
JH 234 646-8041 E-mail Solid Mechanics & Materials
AndreasGross, Andreas
Assistant Professor
JH 114 646-6179 E-mail Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
kkotaKota, Krishna
Assistant Professor
JH 128 646-5720 E-mail Heat Transfer, Surface-thermal-fluid Interactions, Energy Systems, Thermal Management, Space Transportation, Water Desalination
skuraviKuravi, Sarada
Assistant Professor
JH 126 646-1587 E-mail Renewable/Alternative Energy, Concentrating Solar Power, Thermal & Thermochemical/Hydrogen Storage, Water Desalination, Combined Heat and Power, Heat Transfer Fluids
youngleeLee, Young S.
Associate Professor
JH 222 646-7457 E-mail Nonlinear Dynamics, System Identification,Fluid-Structure Interactions
yparkPark, Young Ho
Associate Professor
JH 111 646-3092 E-mail Design Optimization, Computational Solid Mechanics
igorSevostianov, Igor
D.L.&A.Chapman Professor
JH 110 646-3322 E-mail Micromechanics of Materials, Biomechanics
shashiShashikanth, Banavara
Associate Professor
JH 236 646-4348 E-mail Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical Systems and Control
shuShu, Fangjun
Associate Professor
JH 224 646-2118 E-mail Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Bio-inspired Flow, Biofluidics, Microfluidics, Turbulent Flow, Optical Metrology
lsunSun, Liang
Assistant Professor
JH 132 646-4368 E-mail Unmanned Systems, Towed Cable (tethered) Systems, Sensor Network, Cooperative Estimation and Control, Lyapunov-based Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control, Data Fusion, Localization and Mapping.


Staff Member Title Office Phone E-mail

Ruble, Ken

Lab Instruction Manager JH 138 646-2911 E-mail

Vasquez, Margaret

Administrative Assistant, Intermediate JH 117 646-3502 E-mail