If it is a machine, a mechanical engineer designed it.

NMSU-06-26-2012Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the most diverse of all engineering disciplines, finding application in almost all industries and product markets. Modern engineering has a role in almost every aspect of life – from home appliances to transportation systems, biomedical devices and power generation. [more…]

Aerospace engineers design, develop and test aerodynamic vehicles and related systems.


As an aerospace engineer you may work on earth or in space, on aircraft or spacecraft. Or your field may be in water vessel development of ships and submarines, or ground transportation for fuel efficiences and high speed-high tech vehicles. [more…]

NMSU’s Mechanical Engineering Department has been educating mechanical engineers since the university opened in 1888. Beginning in Fall 2006, the ME Department expanded to include an undergraduate degree program in Aerospace Engineering; the first and only Aerospace program in New Mexico and west Texas.